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Fushigi no umi no Nadia ending - Evangelion version ;-)

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.ttt a/w14

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The way home from school, Together, Goodbye!

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More beautiful Poké-life and Game Boy scenes ⊟

We posted cropped samples of these pieces from Matt Rockefeller before, but here are the full versions from his The Poké Life zine. While I don’t see anywhere you can buy the zine online, he’s selling prints for the individual scenes at various sizes (as cheap as $15 for an 8x10).

PREORDER Pokemon Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire, upcoming games
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"Evangelion" character designer Yoshiyuki Sadamoto illustrates "Akira" tribute cover

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By Julian Mayer

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Japanese artist Tanaka Tatsuya creates miniature diorama for daily calendar since 2011. His artwork titled “miniature calendar” depicts diorama-style toy people with household items, including food and vegetables. He updates his calendar-website daily with a fresh and playful image, infused with his creative imagination. Enjoy some of the awesome images.

Everyone must have had similar thoughts at least once. Broccoli and parsley might sometimes look like a forest, or the tree leaves floating on the surface of the water might sometimes look like little boats. Everyday occurrences seen from a pygmy’s perspective can bring us lots of fun thoughts.


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